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uncover your forgotten longings

Your eyes pop open, mind awake before your body starts to stir. The to-do’s feel endless. Other’s needs crowd your ability to go back to sleep. The live stream of thoughts run through your mind, like the news ticker on KCTV5,

“Did I send that email last night? When’s the last time we had sex? Crap, how are we going to fit in the school list prep this weekend?”

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You aim to be the conductor in your life, but lately the orchestra seems out of sync, and you can feel yourself losing control of what once felt beautiful and beloved.

As you stretch, you're caught by the glimpse of your partner sleeping peacefully. It takes all you have to suppress the urge to nudge them awake. It feels unfair to start the day at gallop alone, your mind racing with never-ending task lists, while your partner remains cocooned in soft slumber.

You’re stalling now. So, you let your body follow the path your mind has been chasing. Your feet hit the hardwood, pulling back those warm, inviting sheets. You ease into the day, stepping into the shower, letting your mind wander as you lather your hair up with the pricey shampoo Instagram successfully influenced you into buying. How can life be good on paper, but leave you feeling so claustrophobic?  Dread offers to enter in, but you shove it away, back into the nooks and crannies holding the “do not disturb” folders filled with your fears, wishes, and childhood memories….You sternly remind yourself to be grateful.

You have a lot to be proud of.

Leader and visionary at work? Check.
Loving and fun partner and parent? Check.
The friend who's there for you through break-ups and births? Check.

Who and what you love are good, but lately you feel like you've sprung a leak, and things are starting to feel more like the Titanic. You "should” feel content, you remind yourself, like that book you read on the secret to finding joy. But the “shoulds” don't equate to real things and feelings. You long for “a break,” but the reality of that feels so daunting. Your life is in full motion trajectory and pivoting seems impossible.


The cost of ignoring your needs is rising. Somehow it's moved from being a small itch at the back of your neck to full-on irritation, erupting in the most inconvenient of times. You fantasize about escaping, not just the frustration, but the pressure to continue to keep on killing it in so many areas of life.


"How long can I go on like this," you wonder as you carefully dry off your body and put your inner turmoil, along with your mascara, back in the medicine cabinet.

Are you sick of white-knuckling your way through life?

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hi, i'm holly

plant-lover, design appreciator, & psychotherapist

I join driven, successful women and unearth their deepest desires that often have become buried under accolades and impressive resumes. I specialize in mining the depths of you, guiding you to find the gems secreted within.


Together, we work for you to discover the grit and realness in your voice, so you can move from daydreaming about an escape hatch, to building and embracing a life you really love.


I am committed to guiding you in deepening your ability to not only name, but also understand your emotions in connection to your own story. As you learn to discern the patterns in your life that have brought you here, you also discover the power inside to untangle the pleasing, performing and perfecting.
Want to read more about my journey as a driven dreamer?

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