Therapy for the driven:

Where you uncover your forgotten longings


Hi! Come on in!

I am Holly, a heart filled earnest dreamer, passionate about partnering with hardworking, driven women who long to understand why they feel so overwhelmed inside.

You tell yourself that you should be happy, that you have a life that is a dream come true, except you keep wanting to wake up to a reality you feel more alive in. If life had a star student, then you’d be it, but you just keep waiting for the bell to ring so you can take a vacation from all this carefully constructed perfection.

As a driven dreamer myself, I know how easy it is to get lost in the shuffle of performance and “doing” vs. “being.” The difficult juggle of remembering our why and our desire can evaporate quickly in the chaotic noise around us.

As a female entrepreneur, I know how easy it is to say yes too much, to sacrifice the wrong things for the dream, and the difficulty of balancing the ever illusion of work-life balance. 

In our work, I celebrate your success, challenge you to examine how your hustle overshadows your desire, and call you to explore the tender, hidden desires of your heart. While it is a joy to create mastery in your career, underneath there are still parts of you trying to capture your attention. Together, we will explore your longings to understand your relationships, your past, and what you ultimately want in this life.

I am passionate about seeing beneath your polished surface, to the places where you struggle to find words to explain, even when you feel the sharp ache in your gut. I delight in discovering the hidden gems and meanings of you, that you work so hard to deny or avoid.

You, my dear traveler in life, have your own intricate story that has led you to this moment, searching for a therapist who can hold your strength as well as your tears. I find the mystery of you like a ball of yarn, waiting to be unraveled and knit into something that will keep you warm on the coldest nights.

I will be with you as you unravel the feelings inside and begin to understand your mystery, so you can chart your own path on the map of your life.

Are you ready to be seen?

I work from an emotionally focused, experiential, psychodynamic lens. 

What does that mean?

I help you uncover the blocked unnamed emotions that you are holding inside of you. I assist you in naming them so that you can feel them and move the feelings through your body to start to make meaning of what they are saying about you and your life. I take note of the feeling data and reflect the interpersonal or unseen driving forces related to who you are and your life story.

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I hold certifications in:

Play therapy from MidAmerica Nazerene

Dr. Brene Brown’s work on shame resilience and vulnerability through the Daring Way and Rising Strong

Continued education in Kristin Neff’s work on self-compassion with Dr. Shauna Shapiro’s mindfulness training

Completion on all stages of emotionally focused therapy by Dr. Sue Johnson for couples and families

And I am currently a member at the Greater Kansas City Psychoanalytic Institute completing the two-year track exploring Psychodynamic and Analytic work.

A note on inclusivity:

Safety is at the foundation of connection and intimacy, especially in therapeutic work. I aim and work on being inclusive by doing anti-racism work and valuing equality. I value doing my own work in this area and I welcome and hold space for all marginalized communities.