Ready to create a business that

feels alive again?

You are thriving, but the luster you once felt has dulled. The aliveness in your business as a creative entrepreneur and helper has worn off.

The weight of carrying your business and your life has made you feel as though you are missing out. Where is this elusive balance others claim to have found?

You want time off without the worry. You want to feel the excitement again, like when you first started your business.

You have enough systems in place that your business runs and makes a profit. But you still find the feeling of scarcity around each quarter and vacation, even afraid to take a sick day. You realize you are doing better than most in your field in that you have found great success in your work, but you still find yourself wondering if this is what you really want for yourself.

Is it worth it?

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As a creative, an entrepreneur or a healthcare worker, you want to feel the zest again.

The excitement and passion you felt when you started your business have faded and often feel fleeting in lieu of "keeping the show on the road.” The business feels less fresh and exciting and more like a relationship that has fallen complacent. 

You care about what you put out in this world. Your business is a reflection of things that you love and value.


You want your business to have deep meaning but not at the cost of your internal freedom. The mental fatigue of running a small business is overwhelming.

You know things cannot keep going like this, but you don’t know where to start.

You know you need help, but it feels like another task to be completed in an already booked week.

This is where I can help. 

I can help you explore your desires so you can start dreaming again as a small business owner.

I have been there, running a group practice

while building another practice in Kansas City.

I have also wondered what else I want out of my business.

Through my own journey in business consulting, training, and mentorship, I have found my way through.

This is why I offer consultation.

With my training in psychodynamic therapy,

I hear the forgotten longings that are a part of your business dreams and desires, and the fears it prevents you from risking. 

Through consulting, we will develop action steps to create a business that feels alive again. 

I have helped business owners like you find a way to dream once more.

The key to all healthy relationships, both business and interpersonal, is the ability to recreate. It is finding new or forgotten parts of yourself within your business.

Together with business consulting we can uncover forgotten longings in your business and help you find direction again. 

Therapy for the driven

The road map:

  1. Find a clear why

Together we define what is working and what is not in your business. If you are lost, we have to find your North Star.

There are many reasons small business owners, creatives, and helpers get lost. We will explore this together and then create action steps. 

This often involves exploring money, your relationship to it, and its profit in your business. I have created an assessment tool: Dare to Dream to help you reexamine your dreams within your business.

2. Find the joy in creating again

Often, when small businesses are successful, they struggle to scale. Owners may neglect their creativity as they search for ways to free themselves up to dream once more.

Usually, core emotions that lead to perfection gridlock get in the way of making a change or trying new things.

Together through business consulting, we name the pain points in your business and explore how to take action. 


3. Find the places

Are there areas or desires left untapped in your business?

Together we explore barriers and discover ways to begin moving forward into new areas of growth for your business.

4. Find yourself and your business

You will expand inside yourself and your business.

Expansion is not profit alone (although that is important in business) but expansion refers to inside yourself.

Often small business owners have similar interpersonal struggles in communication and sense of self or identity which shows up in their business.

We explore where you play small, fear being vulnerable, and struggle with “not having it all together.” This struggle may present in areas like marketing, pitches, or the value you place on your services.


Together, we explore ways to expand yourself and your business.


Reviews of working with me...

“In a field where we all pride ourselves on being able to really "see" people, Holly sees more than pretty much anybody. She combines that ability to really see someone's inner self-including how they approach the world and what holds them up-with a comprehensive knowledge of business building and standard operating procedures. The result is someone who knows what you need to do, how you need to do it, and why you're not already doing it. For people who want to cut the bullshit and get to the issues quickly, I highly recommend Holly Anderson. "

-N.B. Psychotherapist and Practice owner 


“Holly is a mastermind of business consulting! Every conversation I have with her about my business leaves me feeling excited about the ways I can grow and scared of what change will look like. However, every single time, that change has grown my business exponentially. She pushes me to see a greater vision for my business than I ever dare to dream possible. Chat with her. You won't regret it!

-C. L. Academic Editing 


“Holly has been a source of grounding and encouragement for me as I’ve endeavored to dream bigger in my business. When I feel like I’m dreaming big, she has pushed me to think even further beyond it! The wisdom she has shared with me has helped me go further than I believed was possible-I'm so grateful for her presence in my life.”

-M.R. Psychotherapist 

Consultation vs. Therapy



Consultation is…

  • short-term
  • action-oriented
  • goal focused

We sit together, share space, and reflect on specific issues related to your business goals and dreams.

Therapy is…

  • long term
  • a system of identifying underlying emotional issues

Therapy is digging beneath the presenting issues and exploring the roots of your thoughts and feelings related to your life from the past.


My background in psychotherapy provides me with skills to dig deep into the why of your struggles, and together we develop a road map to orient you toward greater freedom and understanding within your business.

You’re ready for consulting if...


You’re ready to commit to investing in yourself.


You feel the weight of a growing business pressing down on your already tired shoulders, but you are unsure of the next steps.

You are ready for the hard work involved in identifying specific issues and needs within your business plan, whether it be pricing, relationship with profit margins, your need for elusive self-care and balance or your inability to express the creative and ground-breaking work you produced at the beginning of this journey.

You’re not ready if...


You are not ready for change.


This wont be a quick fix. Our business consulting work with require you to put in work and make changes. Consulting is not ideal for those who are not ready to be bold in their business, explore and expand. 

You are not ready to make a financial and time commitment.

Consulting sessions have a financial investment and take time. You can decided if the 4 week or 8 week option is the best for you and your business. However, we will decide together the pace of our meetings.

Steps to your first session:

step one

Schedule consult with my assistant: via this link.

step two

Complete a consultation with my assistant.

step three

Pay, set up an initial appointment & fill out your paperwork.

step four

We meet for our first  session and determine our plan!

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Hi! I’m Holly.

Therapist, plant lover, design appreciator, and cultivator of the hidden desires germinating in the hearts of clients and friends alike.

What you need is a business mentor with the mind and heart of a therapist who will help you explore ways to expand both yourself and your business. 

I work from an emotionally focused, experiential, psychodynamic lens, which translates into my being able to detect the nuances of your business and emotional world like a psychologically tuned GPS that guides you in mapping the ways your feelings move through your body.

More about Holly