Holly Anderson Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What forms will I need?

All forms are located in the client’s private portal via the Electronic Health Record System that I use called Simple Practice. Clients will be emailed a link and have 24 hours to fill out the required forms. After completing the required forms, your appointment will be confirmed. Clients’ personal login will gain them access to all forms, Hippa waivers, and statements.

How will I pay?

Upon creating your initial profile on the Electronic Health Record System, you will be prompted to upload a credit or debit card to keep on file. The card will be charged the day of the appointment but may not show on your account until the following day. If you prefer to pay in cash, cash will be collected at the time of the session. If you would like to change your card at anytime you can do so through the client portal.

What can I expect after my first session?

Therapy is initially best utilized weekly until symptoms decrease and insight is gained into what’s beneath the presenting symptoms. Weekly sessions allow the therapist to gain a better understanding of the client and the client to build comfort and rapport with the therapist. As with physical health, successfully addressing mental health is greatly influenced by a consistent effort over time. Usually, in the first session we will schedule a weekly slot that works for both of our schedules.

What can couples expect?

In Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), couples are able to recognize negative communication patterns and ways of relating to each other. EFT helps identify their personal relationship dynamics (and emotions) of “stuck” patterns when communicating.

In addition to pattern identification, the therapist facilitates ways to navigate difficult emotions to create stronger attachment bonds between the couple. Helping the couple in session to have a new experience of feeling heard and understood by their partner. Eft helps address attachment wounds in the safety of a healing environment which leads to a transformative experience for many couples. For couples creating a new shared history of positive bonding experiences in session results in a strengthened connection that positively impacts the relationship outside of therapy sessions.

Where are Holly’s offices located?

Holly has a practice located in Manhattan, Kansas two days a week and rest of the time is based in Brookside at 222 W Gregory Blvd Suite 234, KCMO. 

What is Holly’s fax number?

The fax number is for current patients to use in communicating regarding primary physicians or psychiatrists records. Fax number: 816.379.3751