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Therapy is an investment in your well being. It gives you a space to look at the barriers preventing you from having the relationships you want with yourself and others.

Telemental Health:

I offer Telemental Health sessions virtually to the states Kansas and Missouri through a HIPPA secure platform. Virtual sessions allow you to attain therapy from the privacy of your home. Due to COVID19 and the medically vulnerable populations, I am offering all sessions online at this time. Please reach out and let me help support you in these uncertain times.


Couples therapy is a powerful tool in situations of recurring marital conflicts, or ongoing situations affecting individuals and family members in the home.

Emotional-focused therapy for couples focuses on addressing on negative communication patterns and exploring the attachment dynamics within the couple. I have worked extensively with couples experiencing medical trauma related to loss, illness, or infertility, as well as on-going communication difficulties and infidelity. I often pull from research addressing shame in couples, as well as exploring ways to rebuild connection and attachment with each other.

Learn about emotionally focused couples therapy (EFT)


Individual therapy, also known as psychotherapy or talk therapy, is a collaborative process between the therapist and the client which aims to facilitate change and improve the quality of life for the individual. My approach is eclectic in nature and I use a variety of resources, pulling from attachment theory and family systems to cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, with the intent to best serve my client’s individual needs. Individual therapy sessions usually occur as a 45 minute weekly commitment. Similarly to efforts to improve our physical health, noteworthy impact of sessions is directly related to frequency.

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Counseling for Depression & Anxiety

“Depression and anxiety are two of the body’s first reactions to stockpiles of hurt.  Of course, there are organic and biochemical reasons we experience depression and debilitating anxiety--causes over which we have no control--but unrecognized pain and unprocessed hurt can also lead there.”  Dr. Brené Brown

If you experience depression and anxiety, admitting that you are struggling takes tremendous courage. It can be overwhelming to start to address the feelings of hopelessness that are impacting you. Talk Therapy (i.e. psychotherapy) is one of the recommended modalities that specifically helps with depression, anxiety and the unresolved issues that impact you life.

In therapy, I will assist you in learning ways to manage your emotions and gain insight on how your personal history impacts your mood. Furthermore, I take a holistic approach to treatment exploring all the options to best suit your needs. In your therapy process we collaborate together to explore tools and resources that help you work with your anxiety and depression in a new way.

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